Have you heard about LipMonthly?!



I discovered it recently and I’ve been dying to try it so with some of my Christmas money, I decided to sign up for a subscription!

Here’s the deal – for just $10 a month (plus $5 shipping), you get 2-3 full-sized lip products, plus a few sample products to try. The samples can sometimes be non-lip-based (like mascaras, eyeliners, etc.) but come on – isn’t that part of the fun? Those little extra surprises that make a monthly subscription box that much more fun?!

Can you tell I’m giddy with excitement? I love getting mail so I’ll be looking forward to this little surprise in my mailbox starting this February.

There are some great unboxing videos and reviews on YouTube (I love this one – even if she’s more Legally Blonde and I’m more Wednesday Addams 🙂) if you want to see what kinds of things you get in your box.

If you decide to join, you can use my Referral Link to get your first box for just $2.99. Quite the steal!



There are also a bunch of ways to earn free boxes and Shop Points to use toward full-sized products you want to try.

Do you subscribe to LipMonthly? Share your experiences!!!


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