My First Julep Box


I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but…I received my first Julep box!

I signed up for my subscription to start in January using the code FROSTYFREE to get my first box free for pre-paying for the first 3 months.

julep_frostyfreeFROSTYFREE Box included 3 polishes and 1 Gel Eye Glider

My BFF has been a Maven for over a year and I’m not gonna lie, she’s the one who got me hooked! Over the past year, I’ve seen her Julep blog posts and love the polishes she’s been getting.

Not just the endless hues and quality of the polish but the FUN of getting a new box of goodies every month!

For my birthday, she gave me a bunch of Julep polishes and yup…with just one mani, I was hooked!

So, I pretty much knew I was going to treat myself to a Julep subscription in the New Year. I don’t go out splurging on clothes or makeup or anything else so I figured, why not?! I deserve a treat!

And lo & behold, my first Maven box arrived and I fell in love.



The FROSTYFREE box had 3 polishes – Fazia, Michelle and Sienna. Gorgeous colors which I’ve already used more than once.


It took me so long to post this that the time has come for my 2nd box and my first time to really get the full Maven experience!

February’s theme at Julep is The Afterglow Collection!

The Afterglow Collection via JULEP

The Afterglow Collection via JULEP

Every month, the new Maven Window opens. After completing your style profile, you are put into a specific category which determines which polish colors and/or makeup you will receive in your monthly box.

Custom colors just for you! But here’s the cool part…no matter your profile, you can log into the Julep website and completely switch up your choices if you don’t like one (or any) of the colors. How cool is that?!

Anticipation is HIGH for the Maven Window to open. I mean, people get all antsy for the window to open but once it does, those highly coveted shades are snapped up like hotcakes!

Even with a few hiccups on the website, I was able to log in and view my box. Initially, my box (THE BOMBSHELL) was supposed to come with:

  • Elise: Indigo with purple microshimmer 
  • Keiko: Charred olive shimmer 
  • Glow Highlighting Powder: An ultralight powder luminizer that feels weightless and looks flawless.
February hues from the Afterglow Collection

February hues from the Afterglow Collection

COLORS ABOVE: Carla, Colton, Elise, Hazel, Brandis, Becky, London, Keiko, Jess)

I loved both of the polish choices but since I’m still a new Maven, I wanted to maximize my polish stash so I opted to swap the Highlighting Powder with a different polish.

Another cool thing about being a Maven is there are a bunch of add-ons that are super cheap every month. You can either purchase them outright or use your accumulated Jules (reward points). Again, as a new Maven, I didn’t have any Jules to use, but I did snag a couple of extra polishes for super sweet deals!

Since I added on extras, I’ll also be receiving a free gift with purchase, as well as a free bottle of Hartleigh, the Valentine-themes polish going out to every Maven for February.

Hartleigh, free for all Mavens in February

Hartleigh, free for all Mavens in February

Yeah…my box cannot get here soon enough! I may have to grab my sleeping bag and camp out near the mailroom!

As if THAT weren’t enough, there’s also a Secret Store that opens every month for Mavens who took their box (as opposed to skipping that month’s box, which is an option if you don’t care for the colors or just want to wait). There are even MORE deals to be had in the Secret Store (many of which are previous shades, previously unavailable shades or single shades from the current collection).

All in all, the choices are dizzying! With so many options, add-ons, deals and coupon codes, I can see why setting a budget will be a good thing!

I’ve seen people complaining about things being slow, about colors selling out, about one person getting a freebie over another but honestly, I’m just happy to get goodies I like and with anticipation for new boxes and deals at a fever pitch, it’s no surprise it takes time for all those orders to go out.

Having said all that, I’ve had a pretty great experience with Julep so far, and I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be extending my subscription beyond the initial 3 months I signed up for!


So, are you a Maven? How has your experience been? When you first signed up, did you find the choices overwhelming? What’s your favorite shade (as if you can pick only 1!)? And what Style Profile are you? Share your thoughts below!

There are always a bunch of codes to get a discounted or free introductory box, but if you want to sign up, feel free to use my referral linkyou’ll get your first box FREE and it’ll get me a few extra Jules to put toward one of the polishes on my Wishlist!



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