Review: Joe Fresh Nail Polish in Twilight


I’ve passed by the Joe Fresh nail polish station in our local Real Canadian Superstore a billion times and only browsed but last week, I decided to give their nail polish a try.

Upon first glance, the collection may make a polish lover a little weak in the knees. SO many shades to choose from. SO much loveliness!

I’m a dark polish lover so of course, I gravitated to the blacks & greys and after thumbing through a few bottles, cherry picked TWILIGHT that, upon first glance, I thought was just your average black jelly.

I stand corrected! When I picked up the bottle, I was kind of a little gobsmacked. Lovely, chunky duochrome flakies that can look blue, green or gold depending on the light. So pretty!

Using one of the swatch cards they have at the counter, I did a quick swatch and continued browsing and when it dried, I had another look and was pleasantly surprised at the bronzey-green shine in the sunlight.

LOVE it! It takes a staple like black polish and gives it a smouldering edge.

twilight_closeupCOVERAGE: 3 coats

The first coat? Yeah, I was a bit worried. It was more of a sheer grey but after 2 more thin coats, it built up to an opaque finish. Next time, I may do a black basecoat before using Twilight.

PRICE: $4 each or 3 for $10

You can’t go wrong for that price! I love that they are small enough that you can try out a few shades until you find your favourite without breaking the bank.

LONGEVITY: 3-4 days

After 2 full days, I started seeing some minor chipping on the tips of my nails.  This is after normal everyday wear-and-tear and wearing rubber gloves while doing dishes or cleaning but not in the shower. I also did 1 coat of Julep’s Freedom Polymer Topcoat.

3 days in, slightly more chipping, not so noticeable. 4 days in, noticeable chipping that makes me either want to touch it up or do a new mani.

MY RATING (out of 5): 🌟🌟🌟1/2

In terms of colour & coverage, I’d give it a 4.5, but in terms of longevity, I’d go with 3.5. I wish it lasted longer, but as I said next time I’m going to try a base coat of black and use Twilight as a topper.




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