February 2015 Julep Maven Box


The Afterglow Collection has arrived – and it’s spectacular!


So, as you may have seen in my other post, I completely customized and added onto my February Maven box from Julep. And I think I have pretty great taste, if I do say so myself!

It doesn’t hurt that Julep has countless shades to choose from, but before I get to my picks, let’s talk about the box itself.

One thing I noticed from my first box is Julep makes every box feel like it was picked and packed by your best friend exclusively for you.

The hot pink box, the colorful crinkles & tissue paper, cute quotes and not to mention coupon codes – it makes receiving your monthly box that much more special!

But enough of that. On to the polishes!

As a Bombshell, I get 2 polishes & 1 beauty item, but I’m a new maven and I want as much polish as I can get so I decided to do a little swapping to get colors I would love.

Keiko, Hazel, Colton, Becky, Elise and Hartleigh

Keiko, Hazel, Colton, Becky, Elise and Hartleigh

As you can see, I customized my picks to include Colton, Keiko and Elise.

As I mentioned before, there are also a ton of deals to be had when purchasing your Maven box, so I also added on a few more polishes:

The Metamorphic Topcoat Trio (which includes Bjork, Tilda and Tyra)julep_metamorphictrio

To the uninitiated, these may all look the same but each polish really shines when you use it over another polish:

Bjork (It Girl) – Blue pearlescent silk top coat
Tyra (Boho Glam) – Magenta pearlescent silk top coat
Tilda (Bombshell) – Green pearlescent silk top coat

I also added Hazel & Becky and received Hartleigh as the Valentine’s Day gift from Jane (CEO of Julep) and a free gift of Face Primer.

Julep's Hartleigh with Julep's Fazia & Jane on accent nail

Julep’s Hartleigh with Julep’s Fazia & Jane on accent nail

Talk about a bounty! It was like Christmas in February!

Macro shot of Hartleigh

Macro shot of Hartleigh

My thoughts on Julep so far? LOVE IT! So many choices and ways to make the experience entirely yours. SO much fun! I rarely spend money on makeup or beauty products, save for my basics of foundation, concealer and pressed powder, so it’s nice to have something to look forward to and especially nice to pamper myself.

Because if I don’t treat myself, who will?!

I also love that most of Julep’s polishes are 5-Free (clear of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP, camphor, and animal ingredients or byproducts).

The fun continues this week, too, as the new Maven Reveal happens on Friday for all the new March colors. I’ll be sure to share them when they come out!

treatyoselfDon’t forget, if you decide to sign up as a Maven, you can use my Referral Link to get your first box free!


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