Review: Revlon Moon Candy Nail Polish


I’m a serious magpie when it comes to glitter polishes, let me tell you.

If it sparkles, I need it.

So, when I spied the Revlon Moon Candy line on a recent shopping trip, I knew I had to try it! I somehow managed to limit myself to just one shade, but I could have easily bought like half the collection.

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy™ allows you to get a gorgeous, iridescent effect inspired by outer space. The holographic glitter top coat is illuminated by the dark cream base coat, giving your nails a multi-dimensional look. The dual-ended package gives you everything you need to create a fun, cosmic look.

Anyway, I picked up #280 – ORBIT, which has a dark purple creme base and holographic glitter flakie topcoat with purply-bluish hues.


The base color is dark – very dark. So you can totally get away with doing only 1 coat. The problem is the topcoat.


1 coat of base color


Even though I let the base dry for half an hour before I added the topcoat, it still dragged and took some of the base coat with it, leaving it looking a little patchy.

I also had to really swirl the topcoat and lay it on thick to get it to show up. This is how it looked after 2 coats.


Like I said above, you can get away with just 1 coat of the base color.

As for the topcoat, the flakies are jagged and can leave a texture if you decide to use multiple layers without a separate clear topcoat.

After using 1 coat of Julep’s Freedom Topcoat (over 2 coats of the Orbit flakie topcoat), the texture was less pronounced, so it wasn’t too much of a big deal for me.

I love the idea of having the base and topcoats all in one but I didn’t love the bottle design. I was a little paranoid that standing it on either end would allow the other end to leak.

I also found it a little tricky to open one end without the other twisting in my hand. And it also felt a little top-heavy when using it.

MY RATING (out of 5)

I liked the idea of Revlon’s Moon Candy but wasn’t completely sold on the results. Maybe if I’d done 2 base coats I wouldn’t have had the same patchiness, but I also used 2 layers of the flakie topcoat and it still didn’t show through as much as I would have liked.


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