New Brews: Martinson Dark Roast & Grove Square Cappuccino


Shaking things up in the kitchen again with 2 more brews I picked up at John Vince Foods last week.

I seem to have become a bit of a dark roast fan, so when I saw this dark roast from Martinson, I had to try it. The good news? It did not disapppoint!

I opted for a regular brew (i.e. not using the PULSE method on my Bunn) and it was the perfect brew. Dark, rich and velvety without being overpowering.

I added a splash of sugar-free Hazelnut Torani syrup and used coconut milk to lighten it and it was divine. I’ll definitely grab this one again.

The bad news? My 2nd new brew didn’t fare as well.

Up to now, I’ve only tried the hot chocolate from Grove Square so I was looking forward to trying the French Vanilla Cappuccino. Unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed.

Maybe it’s because I had it as my morning brew, when I’m used to something with more kick, but I just wasn’t that into it.

I actually did opt to use the PULSE option on this one but it didn’t really make a difference. I went with 10-oz. Of water as I do for most of my brews when using the K-Cup drawer on my Bunn, but I’m thinking maybe this would have turned out better with just 8-oz.

The taste was more instant hot chocolate than cappuccino and although it did have a French Vanilla flavor, I just wasn’t sold. I also picked up the Hazelnut version of their cappuccino so I’ll try using less water when I brew it but I don’t know that I’ll be making this a repeat buy.


Martinson Dark Roast

Grove Square Cappuccino


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