Julep’s Your Cuticles Look Thirsty Review


I’m already a huge fan of Julep’s Cuticle Oil. I love the little roller bottle and use it every day, so when they announced the new beauty product for July was going to be a new hand care item, I knew I had to try it.




A super-charged mixture of honey, shea butter, vitamin B5, and salicylic acid that hydrates and heals dry, damaged cuticles.

What it does:

  • Honey soothes and heals while retaining water to moisturize skin
  • Salicylic acid lifts away dead cells for a bright, healthy appearance
  • Shea butter enhances moisture
  • Vitamin B5 helps everything penetrate quickly (aka no greasy residue)

0.5 fl oz / 15 mL

Your Cuticles Look Thirsty looks like a whipped balm but it’s thicker, almost like the consistency of Noxema face cream. It’s semi-solid, and all you need is the tiniest swirl of it to cover every last cuticle.

The scent is light, the same scent as Julep’s Rock Star Hand Cream, which is nice. And the best part is it doesn’t go on greasy. You can literally swipe it on and then get back to work immediately without worry about getting your keyboard (or whatever device you may be using) getting messy.

Plus…My cuticles have never looked better! Immediately soft and nourished, I was hooked from the first application. At first, I instantly wished it came in a bigger jar but when i realized how little you actually need to use per application, I can see why they chose the size they did (I’d still totally buy the bigger jar if they ever put one out though…hint hint!)


If you want to give some extra care to your cuticles, be sure to grab a jar and add Your Cuticles Look Thirsty to your daily nail care ritual.

becomemavenMY RATING (out of 5): 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Price: $20 retail ($14 Maven Price if you are a member of Julep)

If you decide to join, fell free to use my referral link!



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