The Search For The Perfect Planner


I’ve tried a billion different ways to organize my projects and deadlines.

Google Calendar (loosely-scheduling things as well as planing my tasks down to the hour). Free printable worksheets from Productive Flourishing (which I still love, actually). But to get down to business this fall, I decided to order myself a new planner.

I have to tell you, I went a little cross-eyed in the search for the perfect planner, but not for lack of choice.

Oh, no. Planner addicts are spoiled for choice these days. Erin Condren, Plum Paper, Passion Planners, The Happy Planner, Moleskine. Not to mention the countless printable planner pages you can find on Etsy on the cheap.

Some of them are a little more pricey than I was willing to spend. I wanted something that was flexible, I was originally looking for an undated planner in case I don’t have much to plan or fall out of the practice or use it sporadically. I also wanted a horizontal layout and didn’t want one that tracked my tasks hourly.

So, those aspects helped me to narrow down my choices quite a lot. In some respects, too much (undated planners are few and far between).

Often, I would find the perfect planner….Except for that ONE thing. Either they were horizontal but were dated. Or were undated but too small. Or perfect…but upwards of $60+shipping to Canada. Or this, that and the other.

washiI actually like the Moleskine horizontal planners but again, they’re dated and I was leaning toward an undated planner. I was this close to hacking a plain Moleskine notebook (using stamps and washi tape and drawing the calendar grid in but that would be a lot of work every month when I only want it to track my goals, not be an entirely new time suck).

I thought I might never find one I wanted…Or be able to decide between the ones I’d short-listed.

But…After all that drama and much back and forth, I found one!

I chose the Horizontal planner from SHP Planners on Etsy. They are a Canadian company (yay!) located in Vancouver. They also have vertical planners, journals and notebooks.


It doesn’t fit all of my criteria (I ended up going for a dated planner after all!), but the horizontal layout won me over.

I know you’re wondering…Why all the drama over a planner? Just write a big to-do list and get it done.

I’ve found spreadsheets and calendar dates are so easy to edit, switch or snooze. Writing my goals and deadlines in a planner will make them solid, more difficult to change, and the empty checklist boxes will haunt me, I know it. Missing deadlines will needle at me and be extra mtivation to get things done when I set out to finish them.

With client work, I hit my deadlines even if I have to stay up until 4 a.m. to do so. For some reason, with my own writing, I find it too easy to push deadlines, slack on hitting daily word counts and just generally do less than I’d planned. I’m not sure why that is but I’m hoping having a more dedicated approach to goals, I’ll put as much effort into my own writing as I do for others.

My planner has already arrived (it shipped the same day I ordered it!). So, watch this space for a proper review where I show it off.

In the meantime, it’s time to look at my upcoming goals and start thinking about how to reach them.

What do you use to track your goals or plan your deadlines? Are you a planner addict? What’s your favorite planner?

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